Thursday, January 22, 2009

"Come Unto Me" - Introduction

The reason for presenting this book is to help others come unto Jesus Christ, and receive a personal witness that He lives—that He is the Great Jehovah, the Savior and Redeemer of the world who is coming again to redeem His people, to rule and reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The book is directed at helping many refocus their spiritual commitment upon Jesus the Christ, assisting them in becoming more worthy disciples of the Master with a greater conversion to His name and teachings. The book also addresses what is expected of those who covenant and commit their life to Christ.

To develop as a true Christian you must constantly ask yourself, "Why do I want to be a disciple of Christ?" "What does my Father in Heaven require of me?" "What examples did Jesus Christ set for me to follow?" "What is required of me after I commit my life to the Savior?" "And am I willing to pay the price to obtain His approval?" It is easy to do what everyone else does, but is that what pleases God? And is that what you really want?

When you begin to feel a need for a closer relationship with God, your mind and heart become stirred. Your old formulas for living no longer seem valid, and you start to have trouble with your current way of life. The growing knowledge you start to receive from teachers, books, scriptures, and the Spirit is like parts of a jigsaw puzzle. At first you know the parts are valuable, but you don’t always know what to do with them. Then, one day things begin to fit, and you discover where the odd pieces belong. That is why only one reading of a good book is not enough, as only one reading of the scriptures is not enough. It must be read and reread until you fully understand what the author is trying to say. Many skim over a lot of important ideas, thinking that they have read them before. They may have, but did they understand them? Did they really consider and ponder them?

This book is not for the nominal churchgoer but for the honest in heart who yearns for true Christian meaning in his life. Real Christianity, in the full sense of the meaning, is a twenty-four hour a day, 365-day a year commitment. Anything less than this is not true Christianity, but only perfunctory religious adherence. God has His ways, which are usually different from ours. Hopefully, these chapters will help the reader understand and begin implementing the Lord’s way to come unto Him for true meaning in life. It is hoped that what is presented is a start in opening up spiritual horizons for the reader in his relationship with his Savior. In presenting this book it is also my hope to bring glory and honor to Jesus Christ our Redeemer, exalt His holy name, and in some small way, help bring our Father’s children back to Him.

We are at the end of the "last days." We are now living at that great day which ancient prophets have looked forward to with faith, the day the earth will be cleansed, the day of the Lord’s wrath, and the day of His coming in glory and the setting of things in their proper order. We haven’t the time to procrastinate any longer. We have to get on with our relationship with God in a meaningful way. We have to truly turn our hearts toward Christ. Therefore, I feel that the subject-matter of this book, and other books with the same theme, is of the utmost importance right now—today.

While reading through the chapters that follow, you are invited to use your scriptures in following the biblical references cited for a fuller understanding of that which is presented.

I have only tried to present that which I felt impressed to write as the Spirit of the Lord dictated. However, I know that I am not always in tune with that Spirit as I would like. Consequently, I do not claim infallibility in anything I do, for I am only a man and still fall into some of those pits that are dug by the adversary. Therefore, I would hope that the reader will glean from these chapters what he or she feels impressed by the Spirit to receive and, in a spirit of kindness, dismiss the remainder.

— Joseph Warren Grammer

NOTE: The reader will notice that Chapters 2 and 5 are not included. Those chapters have been edited and enlarged, and added to the book, Truth Eternal: Answers to Life’s Greatest Question. Chapter 2 and 5 become Chapters 7 and 8, respectfully for that book. Please refer to that book for these chapters.

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